Renovation Services

We offer renovation accompaniment for your new or current property. Even if you live overseas, you can buy a property in Israel that may require an alteration, and leave it up to HaGefen Realty to manage the details of getting the renovation underway and completed. We have a seasoned team of architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers and carpenters. We coordinate with them to formulate a plan of action, so that your purchasing options become broader and your renovation is made easier. We will see your renovation right through until the finish line, so that the day you move in, even if you are coming straight to your home from the airport on Aliyah, your home is ready and waiting for you to enjoy it.


We offer you an initial consultation with our own real estate agent, Tova Weinberg, who has years of experience with renovations and smart space solutions. At this intake session, we discuss exactly what you want to achieve in your renovation and how we can create that, trying to keep to your budget. We discuss how to maximize the potential of your property with practical ideas based on our experience.


Tova of HaGefen Realty can ‘hold your hand’ through the renovation. She offers a shopping service, to shop with you or on your behalf, for instance, if you are overseas. Some of our clients feel the need for someone experienced to help them make decisions on what to select for their new home: we can provide this. We have a full range of quality stores and suppliers that we can take you to, to shop for your ceramics, flooring, marble tops, kitchen appliances and accessories, bathroom fittings, furnishings, doors, lighting, security systems, window bars and screens, air conditioning systems and paint solutions. You get better prices this way than you would receive if buying on your own.