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November 2022

realty purchase tax

Realty Purchase Tax (Mas Richisha): Be Wise

What is the realty purchase tax? The tax on a new home is one of the most expensive purchase taxes in Israel. In Hebrew it is known as Mas Richisha. There are different levels of purchase tax for Israeli citizens, new olim (immigrants), or a second home purchase.Here are the current rates for Israeli citizens (until 16 Jan, 2023): Value of the property (in NIS) – fromValue (in NIS)– up...

a happy couple

Reduced Price Apartments: the Buyer’s Lottery Program

What is Israel's government discounted housing program? Buying an apartment today in Israel can be a challenge, especially for young couples who are just starting out in life. One of the opportunities for these couples is to apply for one of the national reduced housing program lotteries.  A "Discount apartment" is intended mainly for the homeless, but is also for people improving their...

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