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Unique Marketing

Homeowners who sell and rent out their property with HaGefen Realty find that listing with us yields a good turnaround. Our professional presentation and marketing of your home is unique. Each time we show a property, the viewing is tailored to the specific needs of the buyer or renter, so that they can have clarity on how the property could suit them.

Exclusive Representation

Our experience and track record has been successful with every property that we have taken on with exclusive representation. When we represent a property on an exclusive basis, we give special preferential treatment. First, we investigate the recent history of local sales to establish an accurate price evaluation. Then, we review the specific upgrades and features the property includes which may affect property value and sales attraction. Then, we then create an intensive marketing campaign, which includes proper home staging for buyers, advertising via flyers, websites, social media,  newspapers and magazines, and we host an open house if that is of interest to the sellers.


In addition, we market your property to other real estate agents to maximize targeting of potential buyers.

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